Daily Archives: December 19, 2018

In Terra Pax

I first learned of Gerald Finzi’s In Terra Pax in 1995 when I sang the Christmas scene with the Grace & Holy Trinity Cathedral choir. Arnold Epley was soloist in a performance by the Kansas City Chamber Orchestra.

I fell in love with the piece then, and programmed it the next year with the Jacomo Chorale. And again a few years later at Ball State University. And more recently, my colleagues at Webster University performed the work on the Gift to the City concert three years ago.

Clearly, this is a work that has grabbed hold and is not letting go.

This past weekend, my dear friend and former student Adam Hendrickson carried on the tradition at First Presbyterian Church in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Adam learned the work at Ball State, and had the same reaction to it that I did a decade earlier.

I’m glad that I was in the audience on Sunday, and was so pleased to hear Finzi’s music yet again. I’m humbled too by Adam’s kindness.