Daily Archives: December 1, 2018

Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is now at home in my living room. I put it up this week on a cold night, before the beginning of Advent, whilst listening to Advent music from Cambridge, England.

Meanwhile, Auggie slept.

The tree this year has a couple of new-to-me ornaments that were in my father’s belongings. He and Jo had not decorated a tree in years, thanks to the presence of inquisitive cat(s) in their home. The discovery of some family pieces in the basement was a delight for me and my sisters.

Some of the ornaments:

From my home parish in Kansas City.
This ornament was a purchase in Grand Lake, Colorado.
From London.
My favoritest ornament, hand-painted by Aunt Esther many years ago.
From a December trip to the White House in 2001.
One of Jan Richard’s much-loved Ball State University Singers ornaments.
Rock Chalk!

The oldest ornament on the tree, from a family collection that we rescued from my father’s belongings. I think this one belonged to my great-grandparents.
At some point in the 1980s or early 1990s, my mother made this. My father had this in his belongings.