Daily Archives: November 6, 2018

I voted

A few comments and thoughts . . . .

The polling place at Adams School was not too busy, but I was the 554th paper ballot at 11.15 a.m. today. I think this signals a good turnout. Many people were standing in line to vote electronically, but I prefer the old-fashioned and unalterable way.

I thanked every campaign volunteer I could find outdoors — even those shilling for candidates with whom I disagree.

Of course, here’s what I wanted to say to the person handing out Josh Hawley propaganda: “How can you possibly support this (beautifully) empty suit? He is clearly doing nothing but climbing. All reports are that he has outsourced his office policies and management. He’s a pretty face but a vacuous soul. He was wrong for Missouri two years ago, and he’s wrong for us still today.”

I didn’t say that.

This ritual of joining others from the neighborhood at a local polling place is a beautiful one.

I was moved two years ago, and today as I approached my car I found myself again wiping away wetness from my eyes. I don’t know why this civic action . . . this civic responsibility . . . moves me so, but it does.

“America, America, God mend thine every flaw.” May freedom and hope and comity again beat a thoroughfare through this mighty nation.

And may we find a middle ground of divergent but wide and welcoming viewpoints in these days ahead.