Daily Archives: September 21, 2018

Variety Children’s Chorus

My public service project this school is leadership of the Variety Children’s Chorus, serving disabled students through an educational musical experience.

We have now had our third rehearsal with each of the two choirs.

And I’m smitten with these kids.

Our theme song this year is “If the world only knew” by Scott Evan Davis. On Thursday evening this week, three new students joined us, and after we rehearsed this song, one of them hugged the music and said “I love this. It’s everything I want to say.”

And I was smitten again.

Later, in the rehearsal with the younger kids, Jeremy Jacobs (Webster student who is assistant director) started playing the intro to “On a wonderful day like today” even before the music was in their hands. The kids jumped right in and started singing with gusto. In fact, they sang better without the music in front of them!

And I was smitten again.

No matter how tired I am on Thursday afternoon (and boy, was I tired today), these kids bring energy and light and joy.

Our first concert is December 13 at the Sheldon!