Daily Archives: August 2, 2018

#TBT: 719 Center

Thirty five years ago this summer, I moved from Bolivar to Willow Springs to start my first job after college, as Associate Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church.

Young, green, know-it-all, self-rightous, intolerant, probably unloving in many ways.

I didn’t last long.

Mom and Dad followed me from Bolivar in their old station wagon with a trailer full of ‘late basement, early attic’ family furniture.  I’ve long since disposed of almost all of it, save for an antique rocking chair.

This was my first-ever rental.  I went directly from the college dorm to a teensy two-bedroom house with a wood-burning fireplace and a furnace with a big gas tank in the back yard.  And a huge yard it was to mow, with a gas mower borrowed from Rex up the street.

I bought a waterbed a week later.

And moved less than 13 months later after a meltdown at the church.

Two photos from that move-in day: