Euro18: Zentral Friedhof

Sunday, July 22.

Holy Eucharist at Christ Church, Vienna. Salad and dessert at Cafe Schwarzenberg.  Visit to Central Cemetery.  Walk in the city center.  Organ recital at the Jesuitenkirche.  Dinner at a bräu in Spittelberg.

Vienna is drizzly tonight.

I had visited the pantheon of composer graves at Zentral Friedhof in 2008, but today I journeyed there again, by tram, to pay respects.

Here are the minor people I found today:

Willi Boskovsky, conductor and violinist.
Lotte Lehmann, the singer.
Gyorgy Ligeti, the composer.
Zemlinsky, the composer.
Adler, the psychiatrist.
I just really liked this stone!

For the biggies, I sang a bit of their music at each of their gravesites, hoping to leave in the air a little of them for others to hear, and hoping that somehow my brief song-offering would be an appropriate “vielen dank” for each of them.

  • Beethoven: the opening motive of the Eroica Sympony
  • Schubert: “Ave Maria”
  • Brahms: “Mainacht” and “Wie bist du, meine Königen”
  • Strauss: the opening melody of the first waltz from Tales of the Vienna Woods
  • Wolf: “Verborgenheit”
  • von Suppe: part of the Poet and Peasant overture
  • Gluck: “Che faro senza Euridice”

And I must say that singing a bit of Beethoven at his grave sent me into a brief fit of weepiness.

Johann Strauss the Younger.
Strauss and Brahms used to have coffee together. Very different aesthetics. But they are also buried side by side.
Johannes Brahms.
Franz Schubert.
Franz von Suppe.
Arnold Schönberg.
Hugo Wolf.
Christoph Gluck.


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