Daily Archives: June 11, 2018

NYC18: my kids

I didn’t catch up with nearly everyone I wished this trip.

Some of my kids were out of town.  Others were occupied.

But every NYC trip brings me such joy as I reconnect with students from across the years.  This tribe is active and vital and energetic and living/striving the dream.

From Greenwich Village to Lincoln Center and at points in between, here are some shots with my kids this trip:


The Museum of Food and Drink is a delightful Williamsburg destination museum!

Kurt Hellerich and I popped over there on Friday to take in the current exhibit about Chinese fast food in America.

And then had a house-cooked, small-portion Chinese fast food meal right there in the restaurant.

Kurt and I both claim the KCMO area as home, so we posted as our local best-known food the wonderful KC burnt ends.