Daily Archives: June 8, 2018

NYC18: Thursday

Thursday in NYC.  Plans changed after my abbreviated night and a late cancellation for my mid-morning coffee with an alum.

So I had breakfast at the hotel, did some work, went to the Neuegalerie to see some Klimt paintings (including the famous 1907 portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer), talked to a friend in Saigon, talked to my youngest sister, talked to the office, ate lamb over rice from a street truck at the Metropolitan Museum of  Art (a darn fine lunch!), eavesdropped on two elderly locals while on the bus on 5th Avenue, took a brief nap, traveled to Greenwich Village and almost missed my stop at 4th St because I was reading, had tea and a long catch-up with Austen Bohmer, enjoyed a manicure, stopped for a moment of homage at the Stonewall Inn, read for a while whilst sitting in Christopher Park at the Stonewall National Monument, ate a meat pie and mash at the Barrow Street Theatre, and enjoyed a totally immersive, way-too-fun production of Sweeney Todd.

Not a bad day!

From the Stonewall National Monument, a very happy Pride celebration to my LBGTQetc. mates around the world: