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NYC18: Morgan Library

The Morgan is one of my favorite NYC places to visit.

I love the changing exhibits, with different old manuscripts every time I’m there.

And I’ve never taken a docent-led tour, so on this trip I spent an hour with a small group of others, all Americans, I think, learning from a Morgan employee.

And then I had my Wednesday lunch at the Morgan cafe: deviled eggs, a chicken and mushroom toastie.

While at luncheon, I was aware of a clear and certain incongruity: reading (and finishing) a book on the Kindle app on my iPhone while being surrounded by one of the world’s greatest private collections of books and manuscripts!

One of the current Morgan exhibits: The Magic of Handwriting.

Along the way I saw signatures and written letters of Mozart, Machiavelli, Darwin, Goethe, and others.  And a bill from Sigmund Freud.  And a receipt signed in massive script by Beethoven.

And Beethoven:


Here’s a manuscript by Mahler:

And in the North Room, incredibly detailed ancient cylinders that predate the alphabet:

NYC18: Airbnb woes

Arriving on Tuesday with just minutes to spare before my show’s curtain time, I listened without much worry as my landlord told me that the City of New York had that very day sent him notice that he was in violation of NYC Airbnb laws.

He asked me, were I to be contacted at the property by city officials, to say that I was staying with him, since that’s allowable.

“No problem” said I.

On Wednesday evening, during my visit to see My Fair Lady at Lincoln Center, I got a text: “Jeffrey, the City notified me today that I must cease operations and all guests must be out by 2 p.m. tomorrow.”  He went on to offer me a property in Chelsea at 9th and 24th, or a full refund.

After the show, I got on my Hilton app and booked myself five nights at the New York Hilton on 6th at 53rd.  And then I took a taxi back to my rental, packed up my belongings with haste (this is the first time I’ve ever felt like I was in a scene from a movie, throwing my belongings into a suitcase), hailed a cab, and made my way to the Hilton.

The landlord was of course unhappy with the situation.  He’s lost some of his livelihood in this NYC crackdown on unlicensed hoteliers.

And Airbnb had a full refund issued prior to midnight, plus a $100 credit for a stay within the next year.

All is well that ends well, except for my loss of sleep time last evening (crawling into bed at 2 a.m. today), and my lack of proximity to those great restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen!  All things being equal, I’d rather stay in Hell’s Kitchen than in a soulless hotel.

Oh . . . as a Hilton gold member, I get free breakfast, so that’s a perk too.

Other positive take-aways: I had planned so many meals with others this trip that I had not bought provisions for the apartment, leaving me less to carry.  The Hilton bed is so much more comfortable than that in the apartment, and the daily ablutions are so much easier in a Hilton bathroom. I get more Hilton points and a better shot at diamond status for 2019.  And I have now learned how quickly I can throw belongings in a suitcase and leave!

NYC18: East Side

I spent several hours of Wednesday on the east side of Manhattan, specifically at the Morgan Library and then shooting some photos at Grand Central Station.

There’s more to tell about Wednesday, but it’s already Thursday and I’m tired and ever-so-slightly grumpy, so I’ll just leave a few photos for overnight publishing, then tell tales tomorrow perhaps.

I could have stared at this complete Gutenberg Bible all day.  One of three in the Morgan collection, it has paper pages that are hand colored.

The south-facing adornment of Grand Central is reflected in the building to the east.
gcbetter - 1
Inside the grand hall.