Daily Archives: June 6, 2018

NYC18: street cleaner

I just heard the rumble, and then saw with my own eyes, a street cleaning truck making its way west on 47th Street in Hell’s Kitchen.

That the truck was cleaning the middle of the street, and not the gutters, and that it was moving perhaps too rapidly to be effective . . . well, that’s just New York City!

Fair weather, temperate days, and sunny skies.  Hello, Wednesday in Manhattan!

And now to find some coffee.

NYC18: The Band’s Visit

On Tuesday, with just moments to spare thanks to delayed flights in the eastern USA, I made to my ticket collection point with just five minutes to spare.

And I enjoyed a near-perfect show: The Band’s Visit.

An Egyptian police orchestra ends up in a Jewish settlement.  It’s either the set-up for a horrible ending, a funny joke, or a stylish and evocative and heartfelt musical.

I saw the latter.

And I’m so glad I did!!