Daily Archives: June 5, 2018

Dear DCCC:

Dear Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee:

It’s not that I don’t support your efforts, and it’s not that I don’t desperately want a Democratic majority back in the House of Representatives (but with a new-generation Speaker, please!).

No, it’s that you’ve peeved me.

One phone call a day from your computer?  I get it.

Multiples of five to seven computer-dialed calls a day? As early as 8 a.m. on a weekday, and on a weekend evening? You lost me.


To your credit, when I told your representative (to whom my call rolled over when I answered the phone this time) that your calls were too persistent, and to take me off your call list forever, he said “yes sir.”  No fight.  No further attempts at a script.

Good for you!

But I am not a man of national-profile means, and I prefer to give my spending to local candidates for state office, who might actually be the next-generation leaders we are seeking, and who I know personally.

I live in a safely Democrat congressional district, so my spending is with Missouri Senate and House candidates with whom I agree.

And Jason Kander.  Definitely Jason Kander.

Thank you, DCCC, for not calling me again.


Jeffrey Carter, D.M.A.