Daily Archives: May 20, 2018

Missouri tourism

Returning from the intensity of a packing-up-memories trip to Lee’s Summit on Friday, I decided to detour north of I-70 and make a couple of stops that have been on my tourist itinerary.

Two-lane roads were the order of the day!

The first stop was about 40 miles northeast of Columbia, at the Union Covered Bridge State Historic Site.  This covered bridge is one of four extant historic bridges in Missouri.

And it was completely under reconstruction, with new siding and perhaps a new deck. I couldn’t tell.

The bridge is clearly picturesque, but construction marred the visit.  Gravel had been poured into the creek bed to allow construction of new footings and piers.  Siding was completely off.  Fences and orange construction stuff was everywhere.

The Mark Twain Birthplace Shrine is part of another state park, just outside of Florida, Missouri where Sam Clemens was born.  I remember seeing this shack on a childhood visit, which must have been nearly 50 years ago whilst we were living in Hannibal.

Sam Clemens and six other members of his family, plus a slave girl, all lived in this two-room house.  The though bogles the mind.

Nearby is a small museum.