Daily Archives: May 19, 2018

Cuckoo clock

Sometime early in their married life, my parents were given a cuckoo clock from Germany. I think I recall that some friends of theirs had traveled there and brought this as a wedding present.

My earliest recollection of this clock is on a wall in Hannibal. When we moved to Lee’s Summit, this clock was on the wall just outside of my bedroom. Eventually I was allowed to wind it every day.

Beth tells me that this clock never was unboxed when we moved to the house on Madison as I started college. So this clock has been in a box for 38 1/2 years. I picked it up today from a local clock shop after they completed its refurbishment and reconditioning. The bellows and face hands and music box are new. The cuckoo whistles and the mechanism are not.

The sound of the bellows and whistles as they cuckoo takes me back to my childhood. I am incredibly happy this evening.