Daily Archives: April 20, 2018

Proper Marmalade

Two summers ago, whilst in Exeter, Devonshire, I made a purchase at the local market, held on a Saturday in the Exeter Cathedral close.

The purchase? Three jars of delight from a shop in north Devonshire: Proper Marmalade.

At Sunday breakfast, I finished the last jar.

I saw this marmalade for sale at Borough Market in London last month, but didn’t purchase any. My suitcase was already at weight, and I had little wiggle room to bring home delectables. (I did, however, find some room for a brick of Caerphilly cheese.)

I’m now regretting this Proper Marmalade decision.

You see, this brand is not sold here in the USA, and the small operation in Devonshire does not currently ship to the USA. I tried to order this week some of their flavors: blood orange, quince, Seville, lemon. All to no avail.

I may have B find some and ship it to me.

And now I’m off to Dierberg’s to peruse their selection of international jams.