Daily Archives: April 17, 2018

The American people

A bit of a rant:

When did the phrase ‘the American people’ become so ubiquitous?

I detest this phrase, especially when used by politicians who are speaking for a narrow(ish) slice of the citizenry.  How many times have I heard powerful men (for the most part) say “The American people are wanting [insert cause here].”?  And of course they are speaking only for the base to which they are pandering at that moment.

Might we try “American citizens” or “American voters” or even, God help us, “Americans”?

This slant toward “the American people” seems to me to be slightly coded toward the nativist & populist strain that is suffocating our nation right now.

And I know that our dear President Obama used this phrase, so my screed is cutting at politicians of all stripes, but especially to those who pander and are dishonest or at least disingenuous in their (im)moral and demagogic spoutings.

Americans deserve better.  We deserve thoughtful politicians who know how to use words to inspire, not divide.  This citizenry is crying out for centrist leadership, and if that can’t happen, a dose of socialism!

Here endeth a stream-of-consciousness rant.