Daily Archives: March 29, 2018

London: cufflinks

I made a mistake on Wednesday.

On the way to theatre (I saw the remarkable new adaptation of Schiller’s MARY STUART), I stopped by Andy & Tuly, on Charing Cross Road in the West End.

Andy & Tuly is known for two things:

  • upscale men’s formal clothing and
  • cufflinks.

I couldn’t stop myself.

So my travel gift to myself, this trip at least, is more new cufflinks.

I also bought two pairs at the Westminster Abbey shop. All of the Abbey’s limited stock is inspired by various design and architectural elements at the Abbey itself.

So I’ll be trotting out new cufflinks over the next weeks, and trying to shoot pics of them the first time I wear them. For today, here are shots of the portion of the cufflinks display in Andy & Tuly’s front window: