Daily Archives: March 25, 2018

Moscow Circle Line

The Moscow Metro Circle Line stations, and some of the other stations as well, are justly famous for their public art.  Much of it was intended under Stalin and later Khrushchev as propaganda.

It works.

My best photo of the trip so far (it’s a half-second exposure) is from Novoslobodskaya:

I was enamored with these two elderly ladies shuffling to a train:




Moscow: Museum of Astronautics

Outside Moscow’s third ring road stands the Museum of Astronautics, with this incredible memorial to the Russian space and cosmonaut program.  The fences are adorned with medallions featuring Sputnik.

And nearby is the artifact from the 1936 Paris international exposition, which actually happened in 1937.

This is a stunning piece of Soviet propaganda!

Even today, the hammer & sickle are everywhere.

To learn more about this sculpture, visit http://culturedarm.com/1937-paris-international-exposition/.