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I attended a performance last evening of The Dream of Gerontius at King’s College Cambridge. The soloist was my one-time student Brenden Gunnell. Here we are after the performance, both happy as can be.

Cambridge, like most of southern England, was rainy and dreary, but a joy-filled place to be last evening!

London: Borough Market

From the Borough Market in London, on a rainy Thursday:

I bout some Caerphilly cheese, vacuum-packed to bring home.  This makes me happy.

And I spent an hour in Southwark Cathedral, just soaking up the silence.

And then I spent Maundy Thursday at St. Paul’s Cathedral, with a music list that included Duruflé, Michael Haydn, Stainer, Poulenc, and Frank Martin.



Many years ago, while I was in Muncie, I took B to Chicago to attend a performance by the Chicago Symphony of The Dream of Gerontius.

On this day, I will be in attendance at King’s College Cambridge as B sings the title role in the same oratorio.

And I shall weep tears of joy and delight, both at this most wonderful music, and at the thought of my once-student singing something to which I introduced him.

This photo was taken whilst in Chicago for that trip:

Here’s B now: