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I had my annual physical a couple of weeks ago.

Generally good health, except for weight.  All my labs were normal.

And today I received the bill.

Zero dollars for me to pay, thanks to a Cadillac insurance policy through my employer.

The total for the whole whiz-bang (office visit plus all lab work and a flu vaccine) came to a whopping $985.  Insurance pre-negotiated much of that down.  My office visit charge (Established Patient, Physical) was $285, of which insurance paid the clinic $111.16 for the brief time I spent with the nurse, and the 20 minutes with the doctor, plus all overhead.

One lab charge was $275, negotiated down to $27 to run by CBC.


  • this is a racket.
  • how does anyone without insurance afford this kind of preventative care at all?

Billy Graham

Many words will be published this week about Billy Graham, who died Wednesday morning.

I shall simply say that he was riveting as an evangelist.

Sometime in the 1970s, Billy Graham brought a week-long crusade to Kansas City. I sang for a night or two in the choir at the meetings at Kemper Arena, and attended his final Sunday evening crusade meeting at Royals Stadium.

He was a model of integrity and probity in a field often filled with conniving con-men.

And his message of love and forgiveness is the true message of the Gospel.