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Tuesday —

Morning at Pop’s house.  Hospice care furnishings arrive.  I work on bills and beginning to sort through papers.  People are in and out. Linda Hodges (mother of childhood friends) brings hot homemade vegetable soup from her house a few doors away.

1.20 p.m.  Say ‘bye’ to Pop.  I don’t know if I will see him again on this earth, but I’m hoping he makes it to Sunday when I’m back again.

Drive back to Saint Louis. Talk to the lead hospice nurse en route.  Grab a quick nap  Conduct a fundraising gig Tuesday evening, with Webster University Chamber Singers, at the Missouri Athletic Club.

The evening report from Lee’s Summit is that Pop is running a temperature, but ate today, which is a good thing.  He’s ready for bed at 9 p.m., a highly irregular thing, but understandable.

Pop and Kristen.

My nurse-niece Kristen visited today, with her husband, from Columbia.  Her mother Karen said she was great with Pop, and this certainly cheered him today.

At some point in the next few days, he will go to sleep and not be able to be roused. His blood pressure will start dropping, and we will see other signs of approaching death.  All this in the sure and certain promise of resurrection and a welcome home: “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

I’ve done all the crying I care to do today, so I shall stop writing.

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