Daily Archives: December 11, 2017

Rough week

pop-in-his-chairMy father Richard had a rough week last week, spending the bulk of it in hospital with an undetermined infection in his blood.

Pop’s acute myeloid leukemia makes him particularly susceptible to any germ at all.  His white cells are practically non-existent, and the number of neutrophils on Tuesday last week was 1% of what a healthy person would have.

Less than four weeks after the official diagnosis, this infection hit, with a vengeance that included a 911 call and an ambulance ride.

Pop’s wife, Joanne, has carried on the hospital watch, and my sisters have been in and out every day.

So I am in Lee’s Summit this morning, having driven over on Sunday evening after the Webster University holiday concert, A Gift to the City. I’ll join Pop and Jo at the oncologist’s office on Monday.

We appear to have dodged further complications this time, but acute leukemia in an octogenarian is a nasty diagnosis, and I am mindful that we are one misplaced germ away from another infection.

Heavenly Father, giver of life and health: Comfort and relieve your sick servant Richrd, and give your power of healing to those who minister to his needs, that he may be strengthened in his weakness and have confidence in your loving care; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.