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2017 in photos

#TBT: More from Malaysia

I have written elsewhere on this blog about my trip to Malaysia in 2003.

My first trip to Asia is on my mind again, 14 years later.  Some of these photos have not been posted before, so I share them now.

Executor stuff

Having now successfully (or somewhat successfully) called every single one of my late father’s credit card issuers, I can safely say that

  • Wal-Mart has the worst phone menu in the world, and
  • Synchrony Bank is probably second worst.

The Wal-Mart (a name that makes me shudder even to type it) system was maddeningly obtuse, and took multiple attempts to even get to a place where I could figure out how to get a real person on the line.

The best?  Chase and AMEX both were so easy to use, and the person on the other end asked so few questions!