Daily Archives: November 20, 2017

Three good things #2

  1. A tremendously fine steak.  I decided to forgo room service and walk over to Oceana, and was delighted at the filet and twice-baked potato.
  2. Serenity.  Missed connections with a couple of people today could have frustrated me, but I did not allow that.
  3. Connections.  I decided, in spite of my haste, to take a WhatsApp call from a friend in India, and was delighted with a few moments of cyber-connection and a reminder of the wider world.

Random photos

Random photos from this past week!

I thought about renting this beauty at the airport in Phoenix…. Of course they walk you by the exotic car collection on the way to Kias and Hyundais.
According to Starbucks at Lambert airport, I am now Jaff.
Thursday dinner of chicken with lemon artichoke sauce, pasta in a light cream sauce, and Parmesan bread.
The boy loves the fireplace.
5.30 a.m. Friday. Lawn Place.
Tuesday on campus.
Marlettos hit this Tuesday lunch out of the park. Chicken and beans and red peppers in a sweet sauce, with scallions and cashews. SO yummy.
Monday evening at the Missouri Botanical Garden, after leaving a cooking class.
From the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix.