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Three good things #1

I’m doing a little exercise for the next two weeks, and I’m going do so publicly (I think).

Three Good Things exercise

  1. Find a pen and some paper, and leave them on your desk or nightstand.
  2. For the next 10 days, before you go to bed, take a few moments to write down:
  • three things that went well today (the moments when we experience a tiny bit of joy, gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, pride, amusement, inspiration, awe, or love).
  • your role in bringing them about.

The impetus is today’s blog entry:

Reduce (Audition/School/Holiday) Burnout with This 2-Week Exercise

  1. A healthy lunch.  I chose well and had a wrap rather than burgers and fries.
  2. A nap.  I listened to my body.
  3. Catching up with a former student, and meeting new people.  I have seen Joe for several years, but he is here at NASM, and he has introduced me to some of his college friends who are also now music executives.

Wrigley Mansion, Phoenix

Mr. Wrigley, of the chewing gum and Wrigley Field fame, built a winter ‘cottage’ for his wife as a 50th anniversary gift.  Today the house is owned by the widow of the heir to the Hormel fortune, and operates as a private club.  Tours are offered several times a day.

I had time to kill, so I toured the Wrigley Mansion.

From Saturday:

Nine years ago

Nine years ago today, I closed the deal on my new home in Saint Louis.

What a joy 25 Lawn Place has been for me.

And what work this house has taken!

A gallery: