Daily Archives: November 12, 2017


Over the last few weeks, in addition to the new windows on the west porch, I have undertaken various ‘rearrangements’ at home.

The downstairs CD cabinet still does not have a home, so the dining room is still piled with discs, but the living room is almost set now.

I have moved the television from the east corner to the west corner.  I still need to rewire some things, but that will happen soon enough.  My favorite chair is in the northwest corner, and I see the television, the fireplace, and the front windows.  The sofa now is planted centrally by the front windows, with morning sun pouring over my shoulder as I read and cuddle with the dog.

I’ll put up some of my photos, printed on canvas, in the southeast corner tomorrow.  And I’ll figure out where all those musical theatre and Broadway DVDs need to live.  Also Sunday, I intend to take apart the utility shelves on the west porch, and clean up that view, since I’m now eating breakfast at a bistro table on the porch.

All in all, this freshens the house for another season or two!