Daily Archives: November 2, 2017

Thoughts from Baton Rouge

Arriving in Baton Rouge late Wednesday morning, I heard a wealth of ‘yes ma’am’s at the airport.  And I knew I was in the South.

I also felt the humidity in the air.

The hotel has given me a ground-floor suite.  My patio windows look out on palm trees.

I like palm trees.

But the rain falls in copious amounts, and the bayous are running high already today.

Tex-Mex tastes the same down here.  And the lunch menu at the Mexican restaurant, as everywhere, includes a “Speedy Gonzalez” special of a beef taco, a beef enchilada, and beans or rice.

Baton Rouge is FLAT!!!

The college-age server did not blink today when I ordered unsweetened iced tea at lunch.

Dinner at Galatoire’s Bistro this evening was a yum-fest.  The grits, whipped with roasted garlic and heavy cream, were the best dinner grits I’ve ever had — and I make a pretty mean cheese grits.

My afternoon was spent in situ working on a grant application, which is now complete and ready to submit in time, thanks be to God.

And at 8.41 p.m., the Astros leading 5-0, the rain is still falling in Baton Rouge.

Thursday = New Orleans, city of my birth.