Daily Archives: September 30, 2017

Medical history

I recently got to complete a six-page set of medical forms so that I could visit with a new orthopedic specialist about some ongoing issues.

That led me to think about quantifying some things I know about blood relatives.

My right tibia.

My own history includes an intramedullary nail, work on a deviated septum 15 years ago, double inguinal hernia surgery nearly 20 years ago, and yanking my tonsils about the time that President Eisenhower died.

I am a moderate medicine chest, with daily pills for allergies, high cholesterol, and assorted other things.

My family history includes these causes of death:

  • maternal grandfather, stroke
  • maternal grandmother, old age
  • paternal grandfather, heart attack
  • paternal grandmother, old age and some dementia
  • mother, septic shock

And my father, now in his 80s, is pretty healthy for someone who nearly died of pancreatitis 16 years ago.

My family is blessedly free of cancer, for the most part.  I quit worshipping the sun about 8 years ago when I had a pre-cancer spot frozen off my nose.

So there it is.  A fairly normal 56-year-old medical history?