Daily Archives: September 28, 2017

At home

IMG_1431.JPGSome nights, a night at home is exactly what the doctor ordered.

And I’m grateful thereof.

Random thoughts on a Wednesday evening:

  • Temperate weather has arrived.  The windows are open.  And a slight chill is in the air.
  • Hot chicken salad and a green salad makes for a tasty homemade dinner.
  • Modern Family still makes me laugh out loud . . . every single episode.
  • Bon voyage to our Webster alum Christian Hendricks as he heads to the University of Durham (UK) to start a graduate program.
  • Teaching voice lessons is so damn fulfilling.
  • My passport is due to arrive tomorrow, with a Russian visa.  Too bad this is three days after I was due to depart for Europe.
  • Auggie’s skin allergies are under control again.
  • And my stenosing tenosynovitis is better after another cortisone injection on Monday, with a new doctor I like very much.
  • I hope Thursday’s recording session goes more smoothly than Tuesday’s.  The fault on Tuesday was all mine.
  • I’m in a quandary: how do I convince recalcitrant students that learning to read at sight is a most incredibly valuable tool? And life skill?  And necessity for employment?
  • The arrival of October = the arrival of travel season.
  • Sometimes a thank-you note from a student, and the next day one from a parent, can really lift the mid-week malaise.
  • And hearing from a former student — an exchange student from Germany many years ago — is even more delightful.