Monthly Archives: August 2017

Head shots

I made the offer a few weeks ago.  And several students took me up this weekend.

I need to work on my portrait photography, and several sophomores in the Webster University Conservatory of Theatre Arts needed headshots.  Why not offer a free photo shoot, so that I could get some practice and they could (I hope) get some decent shots?

Several of the students have posted photos on Facebook, so I’m sharing a sample of the work we did on Saturday and Sunday! —

I’ll have these three in MUSC 2910 Applied Musicianship for Musical Theatre this semester, and get to witness these glorious talents three times a week.

Another year

On this day I begin my 19th year of full-time college teaching.

Three colleges or universities. Three midwestern states  Five different job profiles.  Six different office spaces.  Six different bosses.

Thousands (literally) of students in my choirs and studio.

Here we go!

1999, at the end of my doctoral studies.
2017, starting another year.