Daily Archives: July 1, 2017


I spent much of Friday in Philadelphia.  

I’ve written about Jeffery Thyer previously here.  Jeff was my first graduate student at Ball State University, and we’ve stayed in touch these nearly 15 years.  He and I shared lunch of seafood in Philadelphia, where he now lives and works and sings.  

My other purpose for visiting Philly was to reunite with Karyn & Cindy, dear friends from when I lived in Kansas City.  Cindy and I were on a church staff together; she and Karyn were early in their relationship then.  Although we have rarely seen each other since then, we’ve kept in touch.  Their son graduated high school this year.  They are a respectable couple living in Philadelphia, with a college-age kid.  Cindy is a social worker, and Karyn a pastor and seminary professor. Shelby the son goes to Temple University in two months. And I loved reuniting with them.

Meanwhile, I visited some Philly sites:

  • The Liberty Bell, which I had never seen before, my one other Independence Hall visit happening when the new exhibit was being constructed 15 years ago.
  • The US Mint.
  • The new Museum of the American Revolution, an interpretation-heavy, artifact-light attraction that managed to keep me engaged.
  • Christ Church burial grounds, including the graves of Benjamin Franklin and Frances Hopkinson.

And I spent a bit of time on the south plaza of Independence Hall, but did not have enough time to go take a look.  Alas.  Another time . . . .

Now 10 p.m. EDT, I’m on the ACELA train back to Penn Station.  The quiet car is truly quiet.  My peanut butter cookie and Perrier is already finished. Perhaps I shall take a nap?