Monthly Archives: July 2017


Missouri Botanical Garden is open into the evening on select nights in July.

I packed the camera and a couple of lenses on Friday evening.  Sadly, they prohibit tripods because of the crowds, so twilight photography is tricky.


The moon and Venus:

Reflecting off of the surface of a still pool of water.

Japanese Garden:

Zinnia still life:

Forgotten shovel:

Climatron, Chihuly, and water lily pools:


Beth’s family

I saw Anna here at home this week, when she came over for dinner and a laundry evening.

From last weekend in Lee’s Summit, these portraits of the rest of Beth’s family:

Joseph, age 11.

Luke, age 16. [taken with wrong lens in low light, but I like the composition]


Several weeks ago, I posted a photo of the surveyor markings on my the sidewalk in front of my little house on Lawn Place.

The demolition crew arrived Tuesday.

Three years of patience is about to be rewarded.  And I’m told — at NO cost to me, since the cause of my sidewalk deterioration is a big elm tree on the city right-of-way.

Limehouse chicken

This one is worth making.  Anna the Niece and I enjoyed it very much the other night.  I made some brown rice to go along, but next time will keep the rice and sauté some yellow squash, or spice up the rice with sweet red pepper and pineapple.

And since I did not have any chicken thighs, I used two plump breasts cut into thirds.

The recipe.