From a journal

I am continuing to re-read all of my travel journals.

From my musings whilst on my second trip to China in 2005:

I wonder if we all harbor a secret fear that life really will go on without us, that we’re really not needed, that our absence will show no hole at all?

Maybe we’re really only here, not to be necessary, but to be a plus, a help, an addition that makes things more pleasant.  A greater good.

The context to this was that I had been gone for ten days already, to Alaska and then to Shanghai, and life was going on back home without me. Rehearsals were happening.  Schooling continued.  And I was needing to be needed.

From that trip to Shanghai:

Teaching a conducting master class at Shanghai Normal University in 2005.

Teaching a freshman voice class at Shanghai Normal University, 2005.


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