The seasonal rhinitis has finally hit. 

I’ve been miserable all week. 

And Thursday was the worst yet…..


One thought on “Allergies 

  1. allergiesrhinitis

    I stumbled across your blog post while searching for allergies rhinitis. So sorry to hear about your medical condition and I totally identify with the negative impact it has on your life – I have been going through the same for 20+ years now.

    I don’t necessarily have only a seasonal problem. It’s more about hypersensitivity in my nose that causes sneezing spells from any of the various allergy triggers/causes. And then due to incessant sneezing, it irritates my internal nasal skin till its sore (rhinitis).

    Over the years, with self-observation, I have figured out those allergies root causes and try to “manage” them as best as I can and my condition has improved. But how I wish that there was a permanent solution to my allergies rhinitis problem.

    If you enjoy reading the medical stuff then please do visit my blog where I have listed my allergies rhinitis related problems, causes and solutions learned. Please add comments / notes there if, after reading my notes, you think of some solutions or want to share any insights that may help (not life long medicines). Looking forward to help and collaboration.

    Continue to find strength to keep doing what you do – despite the allergies rhinitis!



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