Collective noun?

I sat down at lunch on Monday by my colleague Jef Awada.

We joked about a collective noun for a group of Jeffs.

Then I decided to compile a list.


  • a jungle of Jeffs
  • a jiggle
  • a jumble
  • a jetsam
  • a jigger
  • a jurisdiction
  • a jeroboam
  • a jacket
  • a jangle
  • a judgment
  • a jaunt
  • a jonquil
  • a jollity
  • a jewel
  • a job
  • a jacket
  • a jollification
  • a jeopardy
  • a joint
  • a jitter
  • a juxtaposition
  • a jinx
  • a jubilee
  • a journey
  • a jargon
  • a jig
  • a jest
  • a jones
  • a jigsaw
  • a jam
  • a jury

My favorite?  Either a jinx of Jeffs, or a jeroboam of Jeffs.

Comment on your favorite??


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