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Dear Lord

Dear Lord,

You beautifully created means of locomotion and safe passage from one point to another.

Why do you allow blockheads to drive these contraptions?

Am I asking too much to request that you strike with bolts of lightning those who:

  • in the middle lane of the freeway, drive 10 clicks slower than the speed limit;
  • fail to signal a turn;
  • drive large vehicles and think they own the road; and/or
  • don’t know how to merge into traffic?

Am I being mean-spirited?

If not, then perhaps one other query?

Might you please flatten the tires of every jerk who, when seeing a car starting to back out of a garage, or a parking space, and instead of stopping, decides to barrel past the car and almost get hit?  (Dear Lord, I can’t tell you how many times a month I have to slam on brakes, even at a modest 5 m.p.h., because someone can’t give the 10 seconds for me to back out of a space.)

Thanks in advance for your many mercies to me, and your punishment to the trangressors.


P.S. — might you regulate my body temperature so that I don’t feel like I’m turning into an old man who is cold one minute, then warm the next?

Proud teacher

I’m an incredibly proud teacher this weekend.

Five of my Webster University voice students are in The Drowsy Chaperone at the Webster University Conservatory of Theatre Arts. I saw the show again Friday night, and will it again on Sunday.  Tonight I sat with the parents of my senior Jacob Scott; visited with the parents of my senior Chase Thomaston; and finally met the parents of my sophomore Jacob Flekier.  Caroline Adams’ parents were also in the house, although I did not get a chance to say hello.

Yesterday I posted a photo of me with Chase.  Today’s photos are with the Jacob the Elder and Jacob the Younger (top photo).

And here are some production photos with my five students in them:

The Drowsy Chaperone

The Drowsy Chaperone runs this weekend at the Webster University Conservatory of Theatre Arts.

Man In Chair is played by my graduating senior voice student Chase Thomaston, who is inordinately effective, hugely entertaining, utterly believable, and ultimately deeply moving in his last WebCo role.

I’m one proud teacher.



The week has been a blur.

I’m rehearsing a show at New Line.  We are in the last two weeks of performances at Webster University.  I’m teaching an extra class this last eight-week term.  I taught seven voice lessons yesterday.  &c.

Last evening, at 9 p.m. after finishing my last lesson, Auggie and I drove to the grocer’s to find him some dog food.  We were out.

I love this little critter.

And in the garden, an iris is open, and this morning I find a peony in bloom — booth of them several weeks early on any normal gardening schedule.  The lilacs have bloomed and faded already, again weeks in advance.

I shan’t bemoan beauty, but I shall bemoan the changing of our climates.