Daily Archives: April 25, 2017

Dear Lord

Dear Lord,

You beautifully created means of locomotion and safe passage from one point to another.

Why do you allow blockheads to drive these contraptions?

Am I asking too much to request that you strike with bolts of lightning those who:

  • in the middle lane of the freeway, drive 10 clicks slower than the speed limit;
  • fail to signal a turn;
  • drive large vehicles and think they own the road; and/or
  • don’t know how to merge into traffic?

Am I being mean-spirited?

If not, then perhaps one other query?

Might you please flatten the tires of every jerk who, when seeing a car starting to back out of a garage, or a parking space, and instead of stopping, decides to barrel past the car and almost get hit?  (Dear Lord, I can’t tell you how many times a month I have to slam on brakes, even at a modest 5 m.p.h., because someone can’t give the 10 seconds for me to back out of a space.)

Thanks in advance for your many mercies to me, and your punishment to the trangressors.


P.S. — might you regulate my body temperature so that I don’t feel like I’m turning into an old man who is cold one minute, then warm the next?