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I was doing some work with our applicant list this week, and started looking only at street names.  What a wealth of variety we see!  Some of these property developers are truly creative with their street names.

Kilrea Dr
Hollis Dr
Mission Hills Ln
Laurel St
Forest Crest Dr
Marmaduke Ave
Rebecca Dr
Rainbow Gulch Trl
Roberts Ave
Midland Ave
Moncoeur Dr
Lisa Valley Ct
Royal Heir Dr
Jefferson Rd
Breckenridge Ln
Ruthwood Dr
Foggy Meadow Dr
Tracy Ave
Oakstowne Pl
9th Street
W 60th St
Prairie Rose Ln
136 Sigsbee Ave

Dangerously clueless

Here is the full transcript of Donald Trump’s erratic and unparseable interview with TIME magazine last week:

And here is a redacted version with every unverifiable statement blacked out:

And this blustering buffoon is our president?

Friday in the City

A morning lie-in.  Check-in at choral rehearsal.  New shoes.  Tea with Jennifer Johnson Cano. Walk by the Dakota. Drink with Loo.  Dinner and Amalie with Robert Riordan.  Walk by the Wisconsin basketball team at the Westin.  Get my watch fixed at SWATCH in Times Square.

Just another Friday in New York City.

From the rehearsal hall.
With Loo!

From the subway:

From the hotel, morning and night: