Daily Archives: January 4, 2017

Hong Kong — Victoria Peak

January 2.  A public holiday. Offices are closed, but the rest of the territory is alive.

So at 4 p.m. we arrived at the Peak Tram with plans to ascend to Victoria Peak, the highest point on Hong Kong Island.

So also did everyone else in Hong Kong.

The wait was not that bad, with plenty of people watching and a few babies at whom to coo.

The tram itself is a two-car funicular cable railway.  It rises to 1300 feet above sea level, for must-see-to-believe views of Central, Kowloon, the northern mountains of Hong Kong, and of course the Pacific Ocean.

At sunset, Victoria Peak views are achingly beautiful.  (I almost spilled tears just watching the horizon over the Pacific.)

Twilight on Victoria Harbour:

And the harbour at night:

And the obligatory artsy shots:

We sojourned at the peak for a couple of hours, drinking in the views and the chilly air.


Hong Kong — Christmas

Well, it’s still Christmas here.

(Actually, Christmastide extends through January 5, the twelfth day, and end with a watch service for The Feast of the Epiphany on January 6.)

In popular culture, Christmas is over.

Not in Hong Kong.

Stores are still displaying Christmas decorations.  Western Christmas music continues to play from from tinny speakers in dim sum storefronts, from the over-amped sound system in the mall, in lobbies and in stores.

I’ve watched a slow transformation of point-of-purchase hawking from Christmas to Chinese New Year (January 28, 2017, based on the lunar calendar).

But Christmas is still here.

Photos (taken whilst walking, so please forgive the angles and blurs) from MOKO mall, adjacent to my hotel: