Hong Kong — Yee Shun Milk Company

After the beach on Monday, J and I took the bus to the Causeway Bay area of Hong Kong Island, where we found movie-set street energy, tiny lanes with impossibly tall buildings, masses of people on a public holiday.  And food.

Yee Shun Milk Company is a local legend . . . a true greasy-spoon-style dive . . . a fabulous place for comforting food.

The stewed milk was a bowl of cold custard with a leathery head layer — and absolutely delicious in its unadorned simplicity.  J took his with red beans on top, in the local fashion.  I couldn’t stomach that, so mine was the basic variety.

“Toast with condense milk” is what the menu said.  What came out was a square piece of thick, heavy white bread, toasted on one side, then buttered, then drizzled with sweetened condensed milk.  Heaven on earth!

“Pork chop on bun” was a deep-fried thin piece of pork chop on a crusty white roll.  No condiments.  Just meat, grease, and bread.  And perfection.

And the “French toast”?  A custardy pillow of golden goodness, topped with a generous pat of salted butter.  And then covered in sweet/bitter local honey.  I died from joy.

I had a mango milk shake too — really more a drinkable mango custard. Yummy doesn’t begin to explain the flavor and texture.

This stop was a winner!

More info from one website:

Originally from Macau, Yee Shun Dairy Company gradually expanded into Hong Kong and now has branches in Yaumatei, Prince Edward, Kowloon and Causeway Bay. This place is famous for their deliciously smooth and fragrant milk custard. This inexpensive and popular Hong Kong dessert is a steamed blend of milk, sugar, and egg white. They offer all flavors including chocolate and ginger milk custards.

And next door, a typical local eatery with the meat displayed in the front window:

The crispy pork is so delicious; the goose, not so much so.

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