Hong Kong — Day One

I arrived Thursday evening at about 9.05 p.m. local time (7.05 a.m. in Saint Louis) after 27 hours of wakefulness and transit.  Both United flights were unremarkable, which is exactly what one wishes to say about transit.

The Polaris-class service on United was attentive and pleasant.  Dining options were especially delightful, with truly the best airline food I’ve had.  The vaunted Polaris mattress topper was no big deal, but I did appreciate the fluffy pillow.  Next time I would not choose a seat so close to the toilet and to the flight deck door, as the constant traffic caused me not to sleep as well.  But these are quibbles!

I have awakened this morning to find that my room at the Royal Plaza Hotel on Prince Edward Road West actually faces east.  From my window I see high rise apartments and off in the distance some mountains.  Right below my window is the Diocesan Boys’ School — a whitewashed mass of low building that is very clearly a remnant of colonial Hong Kong, founded in 1869.

In the same complex as my hotel is a shopping mall and the Mong Kok stop on the KCR subway. Directly across the street is Mong Kok Stadium, host to HK Premiere League soccer matches.

View from hotel window, 7.30 a.m. Friday morning.

View from hotel window, 7.30 a.m. Friday morning.

The day is overcast.  I’ve had a cup of tea already.  This Club Floor at the hotel offers a full breakfast every day, which I will soon enjoy. The hotel provides a free Android phone for me to use whilst here, so I won’t be carrying my iPhone with me.

First stop of the day = a tailor!


2 thoughts on “Hong Kong — Day One

  1. wheresjwo

    Hi! I am also visiting HK and took a United flight to Osaka first and was in business class on a dreamliner. I had no idea the Polaris seat topper was something new and special. Haha. My first time not flying coach and it was awesome. Ever been on ANA?


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