What does one do on a nasty Saturday, with ice and freezing all-aroundnesses?

One teaches a voice lesson.  Then hopes in Birgit the Volvo for a quick dash to the upscale optician and spends too much money.

Then arrives home to stay before the roads and walks start freezing over.

Truly, this was my half-day.  

I have flex-spending dollars to burn or lose at the end of the year, and barring any last-minute illnesses, I needed to use up my flex money.

So off to Eyewearhaus I went for what is now an annual year-end eyeglasses purchase.

NOT the eyeglasses I bought, but I sure did want to do so.

Two pairs later (and I truly could have purchased four pairs, so enamoured was I of a couple more), I left to run to Trader Joe’s to replenish provisions. Dog food.  Tonic water.  Important stuff. Some frozen ethnic-meal dinners.  Cheese.  Milk.  Yogurt.  

Then home.

I’m working on laundry this afternoon.  I have a batch of spicy cheese crackers in the oven.  [An update minutes later: mouth-burning yumminess.  Remind me to keep the cayenne at the barely-controlled level next time too.  These are seriously good.  But SPICY!]

The annual Christmas carol text is chosen, with a melody rattling ’round my head.  I’ll work on that today.

The last of the Christmas presents are ordered, thanks to Amazon.

And I’m making pasta and meatballs for dinner.

After canceling my evening at the symphony yesterday, I think I’m canceling my evening of theatre tonight, since I don’t do ice or icy roads or anything that looks like it will lead to another leg break.

And perhaps most importantly: I’ve spent a few minutes this afternoon purging my assortment of spectacles.  Four pairs are going to go to the Kiwanis club for repurposing and the gift of clearer sight for someone who needs them more than I.


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