Florence Henderson

A couple of months ago, I found myself wondering what ever became of Florence Henderson.

A quick Web search told me she was still alive and well.  And I found her website.  And a cassette of her singing Broadway favorites (with CD versions available too, so this told me it was a 1980s project).

Going over to Ebay, I found the CD available for resale, and bought it, and listened to it on the way to Iowa City.  The singing was serviceable . . . somewhat passionless and all-purpose . . . but perfectly in tune and accurate, and even pleasant.

I give the CD away to a student that weekend.

Now Florence Henderson has left us.  She was America’s Mom to people of a certain age, like me, bringing joy and common sense and an easy smile to her idealized motherhood.

I wish now that I had not given that CD away.

Rest in peace, Florence Henderson.


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