Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving Day 2016.

As is my custom, I am at my home today, with Auggie.

The Christmas tree is up, since time will be short in the next ten days.  (I waited too long one year, and in the event did not put up a tree, and was miserable.  Lesson learned = put tree up earlier rather than later.)

And Auggie stands guard.

K and two friends and I went to River City Casino today for a buffet meal. Cold shrimp cocktail, Caesar salad, then the requisite turkey and ham and stuffing and potatoes and gravy.  And pumpkin pie.

And then we sauntered through the casino.  K tried to explain craps to me, but I don’t think I learned much.  I did, however, double my money on my own tosses.

So the day has been peaceful and happy.  I’ve heard by text from many friends around the world, from family, and from students.  Life is rich indeed, and in spite of elections and people not suited to be President, we have much for which we should give thanks.

And I do.  And I am.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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