As I write on Tuesday evening, our nation is headed toward brokenness.

No matter who wins this election (and at 10.30 p.m. my pant-suited candidate is not looking good), our nation is broken.  Polarized.  Angry.  Shouting.  Hurt.

Our oligarchy feeds themselves, and those with money manipulate the system so they make more money. And businesses feed the political system so that our world is polluted, our resources raped, and environment scandalized, and the bosses feed their pockets at the expense of those who work for the company.

We are broken.

Commity and civility, discourse and, good forbid, compromise — these qualities that have regulated our common political life for well over 200 years . . . these qualities have died.

I will continue to blame a 24-hour-news cycle, the creation of entertainment out of the serious business of governing, and most importantly, the gerrymandering of districts at all levels of government.

We no longer have reason to find middle ground.

We are broken.

God preserve and save this Union.  We clearly cannot.


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