7.01 a.m.  I’ve been in line for 30 minutes. And the line is barely moving. 

I’m heartened to see my very mixed precinct turning out to vote. We are well over 100 in this line!

But we 100+ are also all in the same precinct. With two other precincts also voting at Adams School, I think the evidence is that we must push for our neighborhood to be reapportioned. This precinct is too large in comparison to Ward 17, Precints 1 and 7, both here too . . . with much shorter lines. 

Alderman Roddy, let’s do something about this?

Twenty people ahead of me are my next-door neighbors Alex and Jenn. Fifty places behind, Will the Plumber from across the street. 

I’m recognizing others I see on the sidewalks in my corner of Saint Louis. We are all exercising our rights and doing our duty today. And again, the heart swells with gratitude and pride. 


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