Nick Maurice

Nick Maurice was on NPR this morning.

In 1997, I stayed in Nick’s home for ten days whilst the University of Kansas Chamber Choir was on tour in the Midlands of England.  Nick was our tour manager, and our tour was in support of the work of the Marlborough Brandt Group.

I wrote Nick today:

Dear Nick,

Hello and greetings from Saint Louis, on the banks of the Mississippi.

You will barely remember these two doctoral students who stayed in your home for a week nearly 20 years ago, but Ken Rodgers and I speak often of our fond memories of that Simon Carrington choir tour, and also of the kindness you and Kate showed to all of us.

We continue to feel fortunate to have been a tiny part of the work of the MBG.

So you might imagine my delight at about 7.20 a.m. today!

I bolted upright this morning when I heard the introduction to a story on NPR, and immediately texted Ken . . . and then shed tears at your description of the conditions at Calais.

Thank you for continuing this important work, Nick.  And thank you for your powerful testimony today on our public radio network.

I’m reminded of you sitting in the center of our circle-under-the-spire at Salisbury one May afternoon, listening to Spem in alium.

I have never put my hope in any other
but in You, O God of Israel
who can show both anger and graciousness,
and who absolves all the sins
of suffering man
Lord God,
Creator of Heaven and Earth
be mindful of our lowliness

But absolving sin and being mindful is not enough.  We must DO . . . and you are.

Sadly, we in this country are so myopic and self-absorbed with this inane election that we don’t find ourselves speaking about . . . let along DOING about . . . Calais, and France, and immigrants, and the horrors of this migration.

I’m sharing your interview far and wide.  And I’m determined to do something too.

Thank you for the kick in the pants about what really matters.

Wishing you all the best, and with many happy memories of a Wiltshire made brighter for your presence there,

Jeff Carter

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