Road warrior

Road warrior selfie.  Wednesday morning.

Road warrior selfie. Wednesday morning.

I am a road warrior this week.  While the travel distances are far greater than 30 years ago when I was in my college admission days, traveling around a portion of Missouri, the rest of this is the same.

Hotel breakfasts. Where to park? Which door to enter? Will I be on time? (Yes.  I’m congenitally early.) Which rental car am I in today?  Hmmm . . . where to eat dinner tonight?  Gotta charge the computer.  Damn . . . not enough business cards this trip.

So I am doing the good work of Webster University as we strive to build enrollments at Vienna from our Webster International Networks of Schools (WINS).  I’m visiting four of our affiliates with exceptional WINS music programs: Millikin, CCM, Baldwin-Wallace, Kent State.

And of course I’m discovering just how small this world is.  My first visit Wednesday at Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music was with a man who taught at Webster-Vienna some years ago.  And my third visit was with a man who has co-authored with my dissertation chair.  I’ve run into more connections over the past two days — a department chair who went to Ball State . . . at a school that graduated one of my own faculty members . . . and so on.

As of Wednesday evening, the travel route has included

  • I-64
  • I-55
  • IL-48
  • I-72
  • I-57
  • I-74
  • I-465 in Indianapolis
  • I-65
  • I-75
  • I-670 at Dayton
  • I-70
  • I-270 at Columbus.

I’m well over 500 miles into the trip now, traveling that distance over the last 36 hours.

These are satisfying and fulfilling sessions as we talk about building music possibilities in Vienna.

I pulled off the freeway on Wednesday morning, heading southeast on I-74 in Indiana, and took a couple of early-morning farmland photos.

Farm Scene, Indiana.

Farm Scene, Indiana.

Corn drying on the stalk.

Cornstalks. Indiana.


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