A trip to the vet

auggie16oct-1Auggie, according to our vet, is “an extraordinary dog.”

Dr. Bret mentioned Auggie’s beautiful hips (which is true), his easy and happy temperament, his peacefulness (at least at the vet), his perfect-sounding heart.

Auggie does have some mild allergies that manifest themselves as a bit of skin trouble, but it’s nothing we can’t manage.  He weighs 14 pounds.

Auggie took his rabies vaccine and his blood draw without a whimper.

And Auggie still does not like concrete or tile floors.  He just wanted to be on my lap, which was endearing in and of itself anyway.

Dr. Bret looked me in the eye and told me how blessed I was to have found this guy.  And then he gave me a hug.

Of course part of the hug was that I was in tears just passing the room where I held Samson as he died just over a year ago.  Just seeing that room sent me into a mess of emotion.

I’ve told people so many times that grieving is like dropping a rock in a still pond.  Big initial splash. Concentric circles that follow the Fibonacci series, each circle of the wake becoming less and less pronounced, but existing and stretching into infinity.

The grief occasionally rises up again, and all we can do is ride the wave.


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