I visited Follies again at the Rep on Sunday evening, sitting in the second row at the closing performance of this magical show.

And the second viewing was better than the first.  K was with me.  At intermission: “I think this is better than what we saw on Broadway.”  And I must agree.

I could not name a favorite Sondheim show.  The question is a futile one. Each show is different, yet the unmistakable voice is there.  (Ahrens & Flaherty find me using a similar description.)

Into the Woods is magical.  Company is wry and special to me.  Sweeney Todd is a desert island favorite.  Merrily We Roll Along delights.

But Follies, in the hands of a company willing to put the money into it, and a director and team who treat the show with care and passion — Follies simply stuns.

The enjoyment of this production was heightened for me by the presence of Michael Williams (Webster BFA ’15) who was in my music theory class . . . and he will admit he slept through several classes . . . his freshman year.  Michael and his dear friend Jeff and others have shared meals at my home many times, and we have sung and laughed on more occasions than I can count.

I’m proud of this kid, and glad to see him prospering.



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