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Georgia O’Keeffe

On Wednesday afternoon, I snuck in a visit to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe.

It’s small.  And beautiful!

Clouds 5 / Yellow Horizon and Clouds, 1963/1964
Road to Pedernal, 1941
Pieces of O’Keeffe’s traveling paint kit.


“In front of my [Ghost Ranch] house there are low scrub brushes and cottonwood trees and, further out, a line of hills. And then I have this mountain. A flat top mountain that slopes off on each side. A blue mountain.” ~Georgia O’Keeffe, 1945.
Abstraction, 1946. Cast in 1979/1980.
Abstraction, 1946. Cast in 1979/1980.

Iowa City

Friday evening.

Another Hampton Inn.

This time in Iowa City.


The National Association of Teachers of Singers – Central Division holds our student conference and auditions (singing competition) this weekend at the University of Iowa, in their gorgeous new music building.

Less than 24 hours after returning to Saint Louis from New Mexico, I was on the road for the long drive north, via US Highway 61 and US 218.  I drove through Hannibal, just blocks from the house where I spent part of my childhood. When I return on Sunday, I’ll swing through Canton to see Culver-Stockton and the Mississippi River.

My one and only visit to Iowa City was in 1995 or so, when I helped a friend move here to start his doctorate.  I recall some good ethnic restaurants, but that’s about it.

The Cubs are on the telly.  I have SO much work with me after being gone much of this week too, and I’m glad to have a hotel room with a king bed and a sofa where I can stretch out to do some school work.

But my presentation for Sunday is ready to go!

My primary role on Saturday is Registrar for this competition, where 430+ students will be singing on Saturday.  I’m glad to have a super staff to help out at the morning rush.

And I enjoy service to the profession, and I enjoy being in charge, so this will be fun!


Road warrior

So I’m in Santa Fe to attend a pre-conference session today, one entitled “The End of the Conservatory?”.  Should be provocative . . . .

Lest anyone think, however, that the road warrior life is glamorous, let me just remind you that

  1. hotel room coffee is pretty bad everywhere
  2. ironing clothes at 6.15 a.m. is bore of a task
  3. skipping manicures is a recipe for cuticle disaster at 6.30 a.m.
  4. NPR is a balm, providing me a consistent, calm voice no matter what city greets my waking moments
  5. but traveling with a camera means that one can continually relive the lovely views and fleeting moments of tourism.

The body clock had me awake at 4.45 a.m. today.  Ugh.